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Sail Flag

- Available Size: XS=2000mm=6'7"; S=2500mm=8'2";
M=3500mm=11'6"; L=4700mm=15'5"

Available Fabric
Single Side:75D polyester/110gsm/130gsm
Double Side:75D polyester/110gsm/130gsm/140gsm with blockout

- Sleeve Option: White or Black
- Base Option: All Kinds of Bases
 Template Download
XS=2000mm=79inch Sail Flag Single Side
XS=2000mm=79inch Sail Flag  Double Side
S=2500mm=98.4inch Sail Flag Single Side
S=2500mm=98.4inch Sail Flag Double Side
M=3500mm=138inch Sail Flag Single Side
M=3500mm=138inch Sail Flag Double Side
L=4700mm=185inch Sail Flag Single Side
L=4700mm=185inch Sail Flag Double Side
Product Description

The Sail Flag, also known as a Sail Banner or Sail Feather Flag, is a versatile and eye-catching promotional tool that stands tall and commands attention. Its unique shape, resembling a sail or a feather, adds a touch of elegance and movement to any advertising display or event.

Designed to withstand outdoor elements, the Sail Flag is made from durable and weather-resistant materials. It is typically printed with vibrant colors and high-resolution graphics using advanced printing technologies, ensuring sharp and vivid imagery that effectively captures the attention of passersby.

The Sail Flag is known for its versatility and easy setup. It comes with a flexible pole or mast that allows for quick assembly and installation in various settings, such as trade shows, outdoor events, storefronts, or corporate gatherings. Its lightweight and portable design make it convenient for transportation and repositioning as needed.

With ample printing space, the Sail Flag provides a prominent canvas for displaying your brand logo, promotional message, or custom artwork. Whether it's showcasing a brand identity, promoting a product or service, or announcing an event, the Sail Flag offers a visually appealing and impactful way to communicate your message to a wide audience.

One of the key advantages of the Sail Flag is its ability to catch the wind and create dynamic movement. This adds a captivating element to your display, making it even more eye-catching and engaging. The Sail Flag's fluttering motion draws attention and helps your message stand out from static signage.

The Sail Flag is available in various sizes, allowing you to choose the dimensions that best suit your needs and preferences. It can be used individually or grouped together to create an impressive display, enhancing brand visibility and making a lasting impression.

By incorporating a Sail Flag into your marketing and advertising efforts, you can effectively attract attention, increase brand recognition, and create a memorable experience for your target audience. Its elegant and dynamic design, combined with its versatility and easy setup, make it a popular choice for businesses, organizations, and event planners looking to make a visual impact.

Choose the Sail Flag to elevate your brand presence, capture attention, and sail ahead of the competition with its visually striking design and promotional impact.
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