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Teardrop Flags

Teardrop flags, also known as teardrop banners are a popular type of outdoor advertising flag. They are named after their distinct teardrop shape, resembling a droplet.
Teardrop flags are typically made of lightweight, weather-resistant fabric and are designed to be displayed outdoors. They feature a curved top and a pointed bottom, giving them their characteristic shape. These flags are attached to a flexible pole that allows them to sway in the wind, attracting attention and creating movement.
Teardrop flags are commonly used for promotional purposes, such as advertising businesses, events, or products. They are often seen at trade shows, outdoor festivals, car dealerships, and outside retail stores. Due to their eye-catching design and portability, they can be easily set up and transported to different locations.
The flag's fabric is usually printed with custom graphics, logos, or messages using dye-sublimation printing, ensuring vibrant colors and high-resolution images. Teardrop flags come in various sizes, allowing for customization based on specific advertising needs.
Overall, teardrop flags are a popular choice for outdoor advertising due to their unique shape, visibility, and ease of use.

High-Quality Materials: Our teardrop flags are made from high-quality materials such as 100% polyester 110gsm, 130gsm knitted fabric, and 75D polyester. These materials are durable and provide a good base for printing.
Vibrant Printing: We use high-quality digital printing with vibrant colors----Italy Ink "KIIAN" and Japan Printer "MUTOH," which contribute to superior color and image quality.
Sturdy Construction: Our flags feature a 600D heavy-duty sleeve, ensuring durability and strength. The leather protectors add extra reinforcement to prevent breakage.
Easy Installation: The flags come with two stainless steel grommets, allowing for easy and quick installation within 30 seconds. The nylon tie rope ensures a secure and long-lasting attachment.
Lightweight and Flexible Poles: Our flags use super strong 100% fiberglass flexible poles with reinforced steel connection points. This combination provides strength while remaining lightweight, making the flags easy to handle and transport.
Convenient Carry Bag: Each flag comes with a nylon carry bag, making it easy to store and transport. The bag's size allows it to fit in a car boot or on a back seat.
Sturdy Base: 304 stainless steel spindle with a powder-coated base. This base provides stability and easy transportation for our teardrop flags.
Additionally, our teardrop flags are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with the 1.75m size offering a good view from the horizon.
It appears that we take pride in the quality and durability of our teardrop flags, offering a 2-year warranty on the hardware components. 
These features and advantages differentiate our teardrop flags from other competitors in the market.

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