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Ipad Stand EM-05A4

- Item: EM-05A4
- Frame Size: 380X1200M
- Graphic Size:430X1370MM
- G.W:8KG
- V.W:9KG
- Packaging Size:48X17X50CM

Product Description
The EM-05A4 is a specific model of an iPad stand. While I don't have access to real-time product information or a detailed description of the EM-05A4 stand, I can provide you with a general overview of what features and functionality an iPad stand might typically offer.

Here are some common features you might find in an iPad stand like the EM-05A4:

Compatibility: The EM-05A4 stand is likely designed to be compatible with a specific model or range of iPad devices. It may have a custom-fit holder or bracket that securely holds the iPad in place.

Adjustable Viewing Angles: The stand may offer adjustable viewing angles, allowing you to position the iPad at different angles for optimal viewing and usability.

Stability and Durability: iPad stands are typically designed to provide stability and durability, ensuring that the iPad remains securely in place while in use.

Portability: Depending on the design, the EM-05A4 stand might be portable and lightweight, making it easy to carry and use in different locations.

Cable Management: Some iPad stands include cable management features, allowing you to keep charging or connection cables organized and out of the way.

Swivel or Rotation Capability: Certain iPad stands offer swivel or rotation functionality, enabling you to easily switch between portrait and landscape orientations.

Ergonomic Design: iPad stands often prioritize ergonomic design, providing a comfortable and convenient viewing experience.

To obtain specific information about the EM-05A4 iPad stand, I recommend referring to the manufacturer's website, product documentation, or contacting the seller or manufacturer directly. They will be able to provide you with detailed specifications, features, and any other relevant information about the EM-05A4 iPad stand.

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