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Standard Water Base

- Plastic 20L Water Bag
- Plastic tube to make pole rotate

- Strong
- Portable
- 2 years quality warranty

Product Description

The Standard Water Base is indeed a great choice for outdoor applications, providing stability and flexibility for flag displays or similar structures. Here are some of its key features and advantages:

Water Capacity: The Standard Water Base can hold a maximum of 20 liters of water. By filling it with water, you can add significant weight to the base, ensuring stability and preventing the flag or structure from toppling over in windy conditions. Water is readily available and easy to fill, making it a convenient option.

Bearing for Flag Rotation: The Standard Water Base is equipped with a bearing, which allows the flag or structure to rotate with the wind. This feature is particularly beneficial for flags, as it allows them to move freely and showcase their design even in breezy conditions. The bearing enables the flag to rotate without putting stress on the pole or the base.

Stability and Durability: With the added weight of water and the bearing mechanism, the Standard Water Base offers excellent stability for outdoor use. It can withstand various weather conditions, including wind and rain, without compromising the integrity of the flag or structure it supports.

Easy Assembly and Portability: The Standard Water Base is designed for ease of use. It can be easily assembled and disassembled, allowing for convenient transportation and storage. This feature makes it a practical choice for outdoor events, trade shows, or other occasions where portability is important.

Versatile Application: The Standard Water Base is suitable for a wide range of outdoor structures, including flags, banners, or lightweight signage. Its design allows for quick and easy installation, making it a versatile option for various outdoor display needs.

Overall, the Standard Water Base with a bearing offers a reliable and flexible solution for outdoor flag displays. Its water capacity ensures stability, while the bearing mechanism allows for natural flag rotation with the wind. This combination of features makes it an excellent choice for showcasing flags or similar structures in outdoor settings.
>>> Extra Function Of Water Base:

1-As extra weight for base

2-Pile Up

>>> Product Size&Weight

50x50cm  Capacity:20L
>>> Package 

>>> Package Size&G.W

53x53x55cm  13kgs/ctn

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