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510mm Bearing Spike

- SKU:510mmBearingSpike
- Solid iron rod electroplated with chromium
- Light weight
- Strong
- Portable
- Plastic dust cover
- O ring keep tight with flagpole
- 2 years quality warranty

Product Description

A spike base is a practical and commonly used accessory for displaying flags. It consists of a metal rod or stake with a pointed end that can be inserted into the ground or other suitable surfaces. The spike base provides stability and support, ensuring that the flag remains securely in place, even in windy conditions.

The design of the spike base allows for easy installation and removal, making it convenient for various events and locations. It is particularly popular for outdoor activities such as sports events, rallies, festivals, and patriotic celebrations where flags are prominently displayed.

With its sturdy construction, the spike base offers durability and longevity, ensuring reliable flag presentation over time. It is designed to withstand different weather conditions and provide a firm foundation for the flagpole. The pointed end of the spike base allows for effortless insertion into the ground, providing a secure and upright position for the flag to flutter proudly.

Whether it's proudly displaying a national flag, representing a team or organization, or simply adding a touch of visual appeal, the spike base serves as a reliable and practical solution. Its straightforward design and functionality make it an essential accessory for those seeking a hassle-free flag display option.

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