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Black Cross Base

- SKU:BlackCrossBase
- Solid iron with power coated
- Heavy weight
- Strong
- Portable and stable
- Foldbase
- 4 holes for spikes into ground

- 2 years quality warranty
Product Description

The Cross Base is indeed a popular choice due to its lightweight and portable nature. It is typically made of steel and coated with black paint for durability and an appealing aesthetic. This type of base offers versatility, as it can be used both indoors and outdoors for various flagpole or display applications.

One of the advantages of the Cross Base is its compatibility with a water bag, which can be added for additional stability during outdoor events. By filling the water bag and attaching it to the base, you can enhance its resistance to wind or other external factors that could potentially affect the stability of the flagpole.

After use, the Cross Base can be easily folded, allowing for compact storage and convenient transportation. This makes it convenient to carry the base along with the flagpoles and other equipment, as they can be placed together in a flagpole portable bag.

Additionally, the presence of four holes on each end of the Cross Base provides flexibility for securing the base in different environments. For example, in beaches or grasslands, you can insert nails or pegs through these holes to anchor the base firmly to the ground, preventing it from shifting or tipping over.

Overall, the Cross Base's combination of lightweight construction, portability, compatibility with a water bag, foldability, and the option to secure it with nails or pegs makes it a versatile and convenient choice for both indoor and outdoor flagpole displays.

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