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Colors can vary on different screens and printers, even when using CMYK values. To ensure accurate color matching, we offer the following methods:

A.PMS Color Matching: If you have specific PMS colors in mind, please provide us with the PMS codes. We will match the colors accordingly, Please kindly provide us with the PMS C (Sorry, we can not match PMS U) code in your artwork. Additionally, ensure that the colors in your artwork correspond accurately to these codes.
PS: If you have multiple orders that require PMS color matching, we can provide you with a PMS color fabric book. This way, you can simply select the desired color number and inform us, making the process much more convenient for everyone involved.

B. Reference Items: If you have physical items with the desired colors, you can send them to us. We will make every effort to match the colors as closely as possible..

C. Photo Matching: If sending physical items is not feasible, you can take photos of the desired colors and share them with us. We will use these photos as a reference to match the colors as closely as possible, keeping in mind that there may be slight variations due to the limitations of photo representation on screens.

D. Test Prints: If you're unsure about the final print outcome and want to evaluate it before proceeding, we can print a small test sample for you. We will provide photos of the sample for your review.

By offering these options, we aim to ensure that the colors in the final print meet your expectations and requirements.


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