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Tire Bases

Tire bases are specialized mounting systems designed to attach and support flagpoles on vehicles. They allow for the display of flags while on the move, making them ideal for parades, processions, or other mobile events. These bases are specifically designed to be securely attached to vehicles, ensuring stability and preventing the flag from falling or getting damaged during transit.

There are different types of vehicle bases available to accommodate various vehicle types and flagpole sizes. Here are a few common types:

Magnetic Vehicle Bases: These bases feature strong magnets that securely attach to the metal surface of a vehicle. They are convenient and easy to install, as they eliminate the need for drilling or permanent modifications to the vehicle. Magnetic vehicle bases are typically used on cars, trucks, or other vehicles with metal exteriors.

Hitch-Mounted Vehicle Bases: These bases are designed to be inserted into the hitch receiver of a vehicle. They provide a stable and secure connection, allowing the flagpole to be mounted vertically at the rear of the vehicle. Hitch-mounted bases are commonly used on trucks, SUVs, or other vehicles with hitch receivers.

Roof-Mounted Vehicle Bases: These bases are specifically designed for vehicles with roof racks or roof rails. They often feature clamps or brackets that attach to the roof rack system, providing a stable and elevated platform for the flagpole. Roof-mounted bases are commonly used on vans, SUVs, or other vehicles with roof rack systems.

Vehicle bases typically include mechanisms or features to secure the flagpole in place, such as adjustable straps, brackets, or locking mechanisms. This ensures that the flagpole remains upright and prevents excessive movement or swaying during vehicle motion.

When using vehicle bases, it is important to consider the size and weight of the flagpole, as well as any applicable regulations or guidelines for displaying flags on vehicles in your area.

Overall, vehicle bases offer a convenient and practical solution for displaying flags while on the move. They allow for the proud display of flags during parades or mobile events, adding a touch of patriotism and celebration to the vehicle's appearance.

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