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X Series- 40x40mm Hexagon frame-1.0mm thickness-Aluminum

 Aluminum Frame with plastic connector and steel foot                                           
- Outer tube: 40x40x1.0mm thickness
- Inner tube: 35mmx5mmx1.0mm      
- Trussed tube: 26mmx13mmx1.2mm thickness
- Height adjustable
- Pull Pin Slider for Quick Lock and Release
- ABS Top Hat and Connectors for Protecting Against Wear and Tear
- Latest Designed Footpad for Improved Durability
- Available size: 1.5x1.5m/2x2m/2.5x2.5m/2x3m/3x3m/3x4.5m/3x6m

Product Description

The X Series tent frame features a hexagonal aluminum frame with a 40x40mm outer tube and 1.0mm thickness. Here are the key features of the X Series tent frame:

Aluminum Construction: The frame is constructed from aluminum, which provides a balance of strength and lightweight characteristics. This makes it easy to transport and set up the tent frame at different locations.

Plastic Connectors and Steel Foot: The frame utilizes plastic connectors to securely join the frame components together. The steel foot provides stability and support, ensuring that the tent frame remains steady during use.

Adjustable Height: The X Series tent frame is height adjustable, allowing you to customize the display height to suit your specific requirements. This feature provides flexibility when setting up the frame in different environments.

Pull Pin Slider: The frame features a pull pin slider mechanism for quick lock and release. This enables easy and efficient assembly and disassembly of the frame, saving you time and effort during setup and takedown.

ABS Top Hat and Connectors: The frame is equipped with ABS top hat and connectors, which serve to protect the frame against wear and tear. These components enhance the longevity of the tent frame, ensuring it can withstand repeated use.

Trussed Tube Design: The trussed tube design of the frame utilizes a 26mmx13mmx1.2mm thickness tube, providing additional reinforcement and structural stability. This design feature enhances the overall durability and strength of the frame.

Latest Designed Footpad: The X Series tent frame incorporates a latest designed footpad for improved durability. This footpad is specially designed to enhance the stability and longevity of the frame, ensuring it can withstand various weather conditions and usage scenarios.

The X Series tent frame offers a reliable and versatile solution for displaying tents. Its sturdy construction, height adjustability, quick lock and release mechanism, and protective features make it a practical choice for various promotional and advertising applications.

When using the X Series tent frame, ensure that your tents are properly sized and securely attached to the frame for a professional and visually appealing display.

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