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Light Holder MD3050

- Dia 32mm
Product Description
The Light Holder MD3050 is a lightweight and durable accessory made of aluminum, designed to securely hold LED lights and attach them to an EZ-Tube display system. Here are the key features of the Light Holder MD3050:

Material: The light holder is constructed from lightweight yet strong aluminum, making it easy to handle and ensuring its durability over time.

LED Light Slot: The holder features a slot specifically designed to accommodate LED lights. This slot allows you to conveniently slide the LED light into place, ensuring a secure fit.

Screw Attachment: The Light Holder MD3050 is equipped with a screw that can be used to firmly attach the holder to an EZ-Tube display system. By tightening the screw, you can securely connect the holder to the EZ-Tube, preventing any movement or instability.

The Light Holder MD3050 offers a practical solution for integrating LED lights into your EZ-Tube display. By utilizing the holder, you can easily incorporate lighting elements to enhance the visual impact of your display. The lightweight aluminum construction, LED light slot, and secure screw attachment make it a convenient and reliable accessory for your EZ-Tube setup.

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