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Table Teardrop Flag

- Flag Size: 20x39cm
- Install Size: 20x45cm
- Flagpole Materials:100% figberglass
- Stainless base

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Table Teardrop Flag

Product Description

The Table Teardrop Flags offer businesses and individuals a versatile and attention-grabbing promotional tool that can be used on tables or desks. With their unique teardrop shape, custom graphics, and vibrant colors, these flags are designed to attract attention and effectively convey a message or brand.

The compact size of the table teardrop flag, along with its lightweight construction, makes it easy to transport, set up, and take down. This portability is particularly beneficial for trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, or any event where table space is available. It allows businesses and individuals to showcase their brand or message in a professional and visually appealing manner.

The inclusion of a small pole and base or stand with the flag ensures stability and easy assembly on a table or desk. This convenience adds to the versatility and practicality of the table teardrop flag as a promotional tool.

By utilizing the table teardrop flag, businesses can increase brand visibility, attract potential customers, and create a memorable impression. Its compact size, easy setup, and customizable design make it a valuable addition to any marketing strategy.

Product Size

Shape Height(after bent) Sections Straight height Printing size (cm)
As teardrop shape 44 1 62cm 13*30
As knife shape 53 1 62cm 12*41



Package Size&G.W

68x28x11cm   15.7kgs/ctn

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