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Double 3D Semi-Moon Rack

- Item: EM-17V23
- Frame Size: 1330x2280x400mm x 2
- Graphic Size:D1300x2280mm x 2
- G.W:23KG
- V.W:31KG
- Packaging Size:27x27x87x2/79x7x44cm
Product Description
The term "Double 3D Semi-Moon Rack" seems to refer to a specific type of display rack or shelving unit with a design inspired by a semi-circular or crescent shape, resembling a half moon. The "double" aspect suggests that the rack consists of two semi-moon sections connected or placed side by side.

This type of rack is likely designed to provide a unique and visually appealing display solution for various purposes. It may be used in retail environments, trade shows, exhibitions, or other settings where products or items need to be showcased in an organized and attractive manner.

The "3D" aspect of the rack indicates that it incorporates three-dimensional elements or features that add depth and visual interest to the overall design. These three-dimensional elements may include curved or angled shelves, textured surfaces, or other creative design elements that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the rack.

The Double 3D Semi-Moon Rack can be versatile in terms of functionality, as it can accommodate different types of products or items depending on the size and arrangement of the shelves. It can be used to display merchandise, promotional materials, or any items that benefit from being showcased in an eye-catching and unique manner.

The combination of the semi-moon shape, three-dimensional design, and double configuration of this rack offers an interesting and distinctive display solution that can help attract attention and create a visually appealing presentation for products or items.

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