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Snake Stand EM-17Y2

- Item: EM-17V21
- Frame Size: 1500x4100x500mm
- Graphic Size: 2000x4100mm
- G.W:16KG
- V.W:27KG
- Packaging Size:101x27x48cm
Product Description
The "Snake Stand EM-17Y2" is a specific type of display stand that features a flexible and adjustable design, resembling the shape of a snake. It is commonly used in trade shows, exhibitions, retail stores, or other promotional settings to showcase products, signage, or promotional materials.

The Snake Stand EM-17Y2 is designed to provide versatility and adaptability in displaying various types of content. Its flexible structure allows it to be easily bent, twisted, or adjusted into different shapes or positions to accommodate specific display requirements. This makes it suitable for creating unique and eye-catching presentations that can be tailored to suit different environments or promotional needs.

The stand is typically constructed using lightweight and durable materials such as aluminum, plastic, or steel. This ensures stability and longevity while keeping the overall weight of the stand manageable for transportation and setup.

The Snake Stand EM-17Y2 often features multiple attachment points along its length, allowing for the attachment of graphics, banners, or signage. These attachments can be secured using clips, hooks, or other fastening mechanisms provided with the stand.

One of the advantages of the Snake Stand EM-17Y2 is its versatility in adapting to different display spaces or configurations. The flexible design allows it to be adjusted to fit corners, curves, or irregular spaces, making it suitable for creating engaging displays in various settings.

Another advantage is the ease of setup and transport. The Snake Stand EM-17Y2 is typically collapsible or modular, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly without the need for extensive tools or expertise. It can be packed down into a compact size, making it convenient for transportation between events or venues.

Overall, the Snake Stand EM-17Y2 offers a visually appealing and flexible display solution that can be adapted to various promotional environments. Its unique snake-like design, lightweight construction, and versatility make it an attractive choice for showcasing products, signage, or promotional materials in a creative and attention-grabbing way.

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