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Bunting Flag/Pennant

- Printing Size: Any Size (Always 20x30cm with 20 or 30cm space)
- Printing Option: 
  Single Side Printing back side with mirror reverse
  Double Side Printing back side with readable info
- Finishing Option: Customized

Product Description

Pennant Strings are one of the most budget-friendly as well as sure method of attracting attention to an event, promotion or company. Pennant strings include integrity as well as flare to any type of event or campaign. Readily available in several sizes and any designs, pennants are most effective for outside decors.
Security pennants could be used to rope off locations for security and group control. Weather you call them rope flags, pennant strings, pennants, pennant flags, streamers, or pennant banners, they are the same thing.
We additionally bring custom-made pennants with a wide variety of your choice of material, as well as designs.

Pennant Strings are indeed a cost-effective and reliable method of attracting attention to an event, promotion, or company. They are designed to add a touch of integrity and visual appeal to various occasions and marketing campaigns. Here are some key points about pennant strings:

Budget-Friendly: Pennant strings are known for being a budget-friendly option for decorations and promotions. They provide an affordable way to enhance the visual appeal of an event or advertising campaign without breaking the bank.

Attention-Grabbing: Pennant strings are effective in attracting attention due to their vibrant colors, movement, and festive appearance. They can easily catch the eye of passersby and draw attention to the desired area or message.

Versatility: Pennant strings come in various sizes and designs, allowing for customization to fit specific needs and preferences. Whether for outdoor events, promotions, or decorations, pennant strings can be tailored to suit different occasions.

Security and Crowd Control: Pennant strings can also serve a practical purpose beyond decoration. They can be used as security pennants to rope off areas and assist with crowd control during events, ensuring safety and organization.

Various Terminologies: Pennant strings may be referred to by different names such as rope flags, pennants, pennant flags, streamers, or pennant banners. These terms essentially refer to the same thing—a string of flags used for decorative or promotional purposes.

Customization: Custom-made pennants are available with a wide range of material choices and designs. This allows businesses and individuals to personalize their pennant strings to align with their brand, event theme, or specific messaging.

Pennant strings are a versatile and customizable option for outdoor decorations, promotions, and event organization. Their affordability, attention-grabbing nature, and practicality make them a popular choice across various industries and occasions.

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