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Table Flag

- Flag Size: 14x21cm or as your Customized Size
- Flagpole Materials:stainless steel,plastic
Product Description

Our high-quality world table flags, which are also referred to as table flag stands, table top flags, table flagpoles, table flag holders, and table flag pole bases, are perfect for any setting. We offer an extensive range of international world country table flags, as well as indigenous and Aboriginal table flags, which provide professional table top flag displays for any reception room, office, boardroom, club, conference, function, occasion, or special corporate event.

For a unique and creative touch, consider using our seven-holed table top flag stands as a centerpiece for your party. Our inventory includes a wide selection of mini flags that you can mix and match to express your personality. You can fill the stand with mini flags from seven of your favorite countries or choose from our large selection of cultural flags to create a personalized display.

Overall, our high-quality table flags of the world are an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a professional and eye-catching display to their space. Whether it's for business or personal use, our selection of flags and stands offers a versatile and customizable solution for any occasion.
>> Steel---1 Flag
>> Steel---2 Flags
>> Steel---3 Flags
>> Height Adjustable
>> Plastic---1 Flag

>> Plastic---2 Flags

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