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Car Teardrop Flag

- Flag Size: 50x28cm
- Install Size: 70x28cm
- Flagpole Materials:100% figberglass
- Plastic Base

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Car Teardrop Flag

Product Description

A Car Teardrop Flag is indeed a type of advertising flag specifically designed for use on cars. It features a distinct teardrop shape and is attached to a flexible fiberglass pole that is inserted into a base affixed to the car. The flag itself is typically made of polyester material and is printed with vibrant colors and graphics that promote a business, event, or product.

Here are some key features and details about Car Teardrop Flags:

Shape and Size: Car Teardrop Flags are characterized by their teardrop shape, which allows them to catch the wind and remain visible even while the car is in motion. The specific dimensions you provided, 35x56x61cm, likely refer to the size of the flag itself.

Installation: Car Teardrop Flags are designed for easy installation on cars. The flexible fiberglass pole is inserted into a base, which is then attached securely to the car. This setup allows the flag to flutter and sway in the wind while maintaining stability.

Material: These flags are typically made of polyester material, which is durable, weather-resistant, and capable of displaying vibrant colors and graphics. Polyester is commonly used in outdoor advertising flags due to its lightweight and long-lasting properties.

Advertising and Branding: Car Teardrop Flags serve as effective advertising tools, allowing businesses to promote their brand or specific offerings while on the move or parked in public areas. The customizable graphics and colors enable companies to showcase their logos, slogans, or other promotional messages.

Versatility: Car Teardrop Flags are not limited to just cars. They are also popular for use in parades, festivals, trade shows, and various outdoor events where businesses want to increase their visibility and attract attention.

Packaging Details: The details you provided, such as the quantity (200pcs), weight per carton (30kgs), and carton size (not specified), likely describe the packaging specifications for shipping or storing the Car Teardrop Flags.

Car Teardrop Flags offer businesses a mobile advertising solution that can generate brand awareness and attract potential customers. Their lightweight and customizable nature make them a popular choice for companies looking to promote their brand while on the go or participating in outdoor events.

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