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3D Backwall E20B01

- Display size:3000x2400x400mm
- Graphic size: 3040x2440mm
- 32mm Dia aluminum tubes
- Free standing without any supporting
- Display hardwares are all under fabrc graphic covering
- Double sided printed
- Strong carry bag
- G.W.:9.0kgs
- V.W.:25.0kgs
- Package size: 37x37x89cm
Product Description
The term "3D Backwall E20B01" appears to refer to a specific model or variant of a 3D backwall display. This particular model is designated as E20B01.

A 3D backwall is a display structure typically used in trade shows, exhibitions, or events to create an eye-catching backdrop for showcasing products, services, or branding messages. It is designed to provide visual impact and draw attention to the booth or display area.

The E20B01 designation may indicate a specific design or configuration within the 3D backwall product line. It could refer to the dimensions, features, or aesthetic elements of the backwall. However, without further information, it is challenging to provide specific details about the exact characteristics of the E20B01 model.

It's worth noting that 3D backwalls often incorporate three-dimensional elements such as curved surfaces, geometric shapes, or textured materials to create depth and visual interest. They can be customized with graphics, lighting, or other enhancements to effectively convey branding or promotional messages.

To get more precise information about the features and specifications of the 3D Backwall E20B01, it would be advisable to consult the manufacturer or supplier's documentation, website, or product catalog.
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