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Brandcusi Display Stand EM-17V43

- Item: EM-17V43
- Frame Size: 850X2000MM
- Graphic Size:880X2030MM
- G.W:5KG
- V.W:9KG
- Packaging Size:69X13X51cm
Product Description
The Brandcusi display stand is an innovative and versatile solution that aims to enhance traditional roll-up banner displays. It offers several advantages over conventional banner stands, providing a more dynamic and impactful presentation for both indoor and outdoor settings.

One of the key features of the Brandcusi display stand is its ability to replace the monotonous roll-up banners. Instead of a simple banner on a stick, the Brandcusi offers a more engaging and visually appealing display. It provides a greener and cost-effective alternative by reducing the need for frequent banner replacements.

The Brandcusi display stand is designed to be stable, ensuring that it remains steady even in outdoor environments or high-traffic areas. This stability is important to maintain a professional and reliable presentation.

Additionally, the Brandcusi display stand can be transformed into a lightbox, further enhancing the visual impact of the displayed graphics. The integration of lighting adds depth and attention-grabbing qualities to the stand, making it stand out in any environment.

Another advantage of the Brandcusi display stand is its ability to display products. The stand offers options for shelving, allowing for the inclusion of physical products alongside the graphics or banners. This combination of product display and visual branding creates a comprehensive and immersive presentation.

The Brandcusi display stand is lightweight and easy to deploy, making it convenient for transportation and setup. It comes with a molded transit case that offers protection during transit and storage. The fabric dye sublimated graphic sleeve used on the stand is serviceable and durable, ensuring long-lasting use.

Optional features such as additional shelving and lighting can be added to the standard unit at an additional cost. This allows for further customization and flexibility to meet specific display needs.

Overall, the Brandcusi display stand offers a refreshing and versatile alternative to traditional roll-up banners. With its unique features such as stability, lightbox capability, product display options, and ease of deployment, it provides a compelling and effective solution for showcasing products, graphics, or promotional materials in various settings.
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