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EZ Tube 3D Tower

- Item: EM-17V21
- Frame Size: 1500x4100x500mm
- Graphic Size: 2000x4100mm
- G.W:16KG
- V.W:27KG
- Packaging Size:101x27x48cm
Product Description
The "EZ Tube 3D Tower" is a specific type of display tower that utilizes the EZ Tube system for its construction. It is designed to provide a visually appealing and three-dimensional presentation for trade shows, exhibitions, retail environments, or other promotional events.

The EZ Tube system is a lightweight and portable display solution that uses a tubular frame made of durable aluminum or similar materials. The frame consists of interlocking tubes that can be easily assembled and disassembled without the need for any additional tools. This makes the EZ Tube system convenient for transportation and quick setup.

The EZ Tube 3D Tower takes advantage of this system by creating a tower-like structure with the interlocking tubes. The tower is typically taller than other display options and provides a commanding presence on the exhibition floor. It serves as a focal point that attracts attention and helps to elevate the visibility of the displayed products or promotional materials.

The fabric graphics are an essential component of the EZ Tube 3D Tower. The tubular frame is covered with a printed stretch fabric that fits snugly over the frame, creating a seamless and wrinkle-free display surface. The fabric graphics can be customized with high-resolution images, branding elements, logos, or other visual designs to effectively convey the desired message or showcase products.

The EZ Tube 3D Tower offers several advantages, including:

Versatility: The EZ Tube system allows for various configurations and sizes, making it possible to customize the tower to fit specific display requirements. Additional accessories like shelves, literature holders, or lighting can be added to enhance the functionality and visual impact of the tower.

Portability: The lightweight and collapsible nature of the EZ Tube system make the EZ Tube 3D Tower easy to transport and set up. The frame can be disassembled and packed into a compact carrying case, allowing for convenient transportation between events.

Reusability: The fabric graphics used with the EZ Tube 3D Tower are typically removable and replaceable, which means the tower can be reused for multiple events or updated with new graphics to reflect changing branding or messaging.

Visual Impact: The tower-like structure of the EZ Tube 3D Tower creates a commanding presence on the exhibition floor, attracting attention and making a bold statement. The seamless fabric graphics offer a high-quality and professional visual display.

In summary, the EZ Tube 3D Tower is a visually striking and versatile display solution that combines the lightweight and portable EZ Tube system with a tower-like structure. It offers an effective way to elevate the visibility of products or promotional materials and create an impactful presence at trade shows, exhibitions, or retail environments.
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