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3D Backwall E20B01A

- Display size:4500x2400x400mm
- Graphic size: 4540x2440mm
- 32mm Dia aluminum tubes
- Free standing without any supporting
- Display hardwares are all under fabrc graphic covering
- Double sided printed
- Strong carry bag
- G.W.:14.0kgs
- V.W.:25.0kgs
- Package size: 37x37x89cm
Product Description
The 3D Booth Series offers a range of booth design solutions that cater to the needs of clients seeking unique designs for 10ft and 20ft booth spaces. The series includes the following options:

3D Backwalls: These are visually impactful backwall displays that utilize three-dimensional elements to create depth and visual interest. They can help attract attention and make a memorable impression on event attendees.

3D Concave Series: This series features curved or concave elements that add a dynamic and modern look to the booth design. The curved structures create an immersive and inviting environment, enhancing the overall visual impact of the booth.

Arches: The series includes arches that can be used as entranceways or focal points within the booth. Arches serve as eye-catching features, guiding visitors into the booth space or highlighting specific products or services.

Customized Series: This series offers tailored booth design solutions that are customized according to the specific requirements of clients. It allows for the incorporation of branding elements, unique shapes, or specialized features to create a booth design that aligns with the client's objectives.

Overall, the 3D Booth Series provides a comprehensive range of options for clients looking for unique and visually appealing booth designs. Whether it's through 3D backwalls, concave series, arches, or customized solutions, the series aims to provide clients with the flexibility to create a standout booth that effectively showcases their products or services at events, trade shows, or exhibitions.

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