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Double 30° Wall Amount Base

- 100%  steel
- Black paint coated
- Light weight
- Strong
- Portable
- O ring keep tight with flagpole
- Angle optional:Double 30° flags amounted

Product Description

The Double 30° Wall Mount Base is a specialized base designed to display two flags simultaneously at a 30° angle. This configuration allows for an eye-catching presentation of both flags, enhancing their visibility and visual impact. Here are some key features and benefits of the Double 30° Wall Mount Base:

Dual Flag Display: The Double 30° Wall Mount Base is specifically designed to accommodate and display two flags at the same time. This allows you to showcase multiple flags or banners side by side, creating a visually appealing and attention-grabbing display.

30° Flag Angle: The 30° angle of the base ensures that both flags are inclined, providing a dynamic presentation. The slight tilt allows the flags to catch the wind and move gracefully, increasing their visibility and creating an engaging visual effect.

Wall Mounting: The base is designed for easy installation on a wall, providing a secure and stable mount for both flags. It typically includes mounting brackets or hardware for attaching the base to the wall, ensuring a reliable and sturdy display.

Versatile Applications: The Double 30° Wall Mount Base is suitable for various settings, such as commercial buildings, event venues, educational institutions, or outdoor spaces. It allows for the display of flags representing different countries, organizations, or causes, making it a versatile option for showcasing multiple messages simultaneously.

Prominent Visibility: The dual flag display, combined with the 30° angle, enhances the visibility of both flags. This arrangement ensures that the flags are easily noticed and can capture the attention of passersby, making them more effective for promotional or decorative purposes.

When considering the Double 30° Wall Mount Base, it's important to ensure that the wall surface is suitable for installation and can support the weight of both flags and the base securely. Following the manufacturer's instructions for installation and ensuring proper anchoring are essential for a safe and stable display.

Overall, the Double 30° Wall Mount Base provides a specialized solution for displaying two flags at a 30° angle, creating an eye-catching and engaging presentation. Its dual flag capability, combined with the inclined angle, makes it an ideal choice for showcasing multiple flags in various indoor and outdoor settings.

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