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Eco Water Base W/O Bearing

- Plastic 20L Water Bag
- Plastic tube to make pole rotate

- Strong
- Portable
- 2 years quality warranty

Product Description

The Eco Water Base without a bearing is indeed a suitable choice for outdoor use. It offers several advantages that make it a practical option for various applications.

The primary feature of the Eco Water Base is its capacity to hold water. With a maximum capacity of 20 liters, it can be filled with water to add weight and increase stability. Water is readily available and easy to fill, making it a convenient option for outdoor settings where access to sand or other materials might be limited.

By filling the Eco Water Base with water, you can ensure that your outdoor structures, such as umbrellas or signage, remain securely anchored even in windy conditions. The added weight provided by the water inside the base helps to prevent toppling and provides stability, ensuring that your displays or structures stay in place.

The absence of a bearing in the Eco Water Base contributes to its cost-effectiveness. Bearings are mechanical components that enable rotation or movement, but they can add complexity and cost to the base. By excluding the bearing, the Eco Water Base offers a more economical solution without compromising its functionality and stability.

However, it's important to note that without a bearing, the Eco Water Base may not have the ability to rotate or adjust the position of the structure it supports. This is something to consider if you require the flexibility to move or adjust your outdoor display.

Overall, the Eco Water Base without a bearing is a practical choice for outdoor use. Its water-holding capacity, stability, and cost-effectiveness make it a reliable option for securing various outdoor structures, such as umbrellas, flags, or temporary signage.
>>> Extra Function Of Water Base:

1-As extra weight for base

2-Pile Up

>>> Product Size&Weight

50x50cm  Capacity:20L
>>> Package 

>>> Package Size&G.W

53x53x55cm  13kgs/ctn

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