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Light Holder MD3051

- Dia 43mm
Product Description
The Light Holder MD3051 is a versatile accessory designed to hold LED lights and attach them to an EZ-Tube display system. Here are some key features of the Light Holder MD3051:

Material: The light holder is constructed from lightweight yet sturdy aluminum. This material ensures durability and stability while keeping the overall weight of the holder minimal.

LED Light Slot: The holder features a slot specifically designed to accommodate LED lights. This slot allows you to easily slide the LED light into place, securing it within the holder.

Screw Attachment: The Light Holder MD3051 is equipped with a screw that can be used to securely attach the holder to an EZ-Tube display system. By tightening the screw, you can firmly connect the holder to the EZ-Tube, ensuring stability and preventing any unwanted movement.

The Light Holder MD3051 is an excellent solution for adding illumination to your EZ-Tube display. By attaching LED lights to the holder, you can enhance the visibility and impact of your display, especially in low-light environments or to draw attention to specific elements. The lightweight aluminum construction, LED light slot, and secure screw attachment make it easy to integrate the holder into your EZ-Tube setup and create a visually striking display.
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