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Square Counter

- Display Size: mm/800x530x1010mm
- Graphic Size: 1770x930mm/2200x1025mm
- Hardware Materials: Aluminium 
- Graphic Material: Stretch fabric 
- Packing: Carrying bag 
- N.W.: 7.0kgs  / 10kg
- G.W.:8.0kgs   /  11kg
- Packing Size: 67x35x11cm  / 83x11x58cm

Product Description
A "Square Counter" generally refers to a counter or display fixture with a square shape. It is a versatile design choice used in various settings such as retail stores, exhibition booths, or reception areas.

Square counters offer a clean and symmetrical appearance, making them suitable for a wide range of aesthetics and interior designs. Their balanced edges and corners provide a structured and organized look, creating a sense of stability and professionalism.

These counters can serve different functions depending on the context. In a retail environment, they can be used as checkout counters, customer service desks, or product display areas. In exhibition booths or trade shows, square counters can function as demonstration stations or promotional display surfaces. They can also be utilized as reception desks in office spaces or hotel lobbies.

The square shape of the counter allows for efficient use of space. It can fit well against walls or be positioned in the center of a room, making the most of available area while providing a functional work surface or display area. The flat, even surfaces of square counters offer ample space for product placement, transaction processing, or customer interaction.

Square counters can be customized to suit specific needs and preferences. They can be made from various materials such as wood, laminate, glass, or acrylic. Customizations may include incorporating storage compartments, built-in shelving, or even lighting elements to enhance the overall functionality and visual appeal.

Furthermore, square counters can be branded with logos, graphics, or signage to reinforce the company's identity or promotional message. This customization helps create a cohesive and professional look within the space.

In summary, a square counter is a versatile and practical fixture used in different settings. Its square shape, efficient use of space, and customizable features make it a popular choice for creating functional and visually appealing areas for transactions, product displays, or customer interactions.

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