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Long Oval Counter

- Display Size: 720x330x970mm
- Graphic Size: 1700x1020mm
- Hardware Materials: Aluminium 
- Graphic Material: Stretch fabric 
- Packing: Carrying bag 
- N.W.: 7.0kgs  
- G.W.:8.3kgs   
- V.W.:9.5kgs 
- Packing Size: 39x15x78cm  
Product Description
A "Long Oval Counter" typically refers to a counter or display fixture that has an elongated oval shape. It is a design choice that combines the curved elegance of an oval with an extended length, providing a unique and eye-catching display solution.

The long oval shape of the counter offers a sleek and sophisticated appearance. It provides a modern and stylish look while maintaining a smooth and inviting design aesthetic. The elongated form adds a touch of elegance and can create a focal point within a space.

Long oval counters can serve various purposes in different environments, such as retail stores, exhibition booths, or reception areas. They can be used as transaction counters, product demonstration areas, or display surfaces for showcasing merchandise or promotional materials.

The elongated oval shape allows for ample counter space along its length. This provides a generous working area for activities such as product demonstrations, customer interactions, or transaction processing. The extended length also allows for the display of a larger number of products or the arrangement of merchandise in an attractive and organized manner.

Furthermore, the elongated oval shape can contribute to better flow and movement within a space. It creates a natural path for customers or visitors to engage with the counter, promoting a smooth and intuitive interaction process.

Long oval counters can be customized to suit specific needs and design preferences. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as wood, laminate, or acrylic, to achieve the desired aesthetic and durability. Customization options may include incorporating storage compartments, shelving, lighting elements, or branding features to align with the overall design concept or company identity.

In summary, a long oval counter offers a visually appealing and functional solution for various display or transactional needs. Its elongated oval shape, ample counter space, and customization possibilities make it a versatile choice for creating an elegant and efficient display area within a retail store, exhibition booth, or reception setting.

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