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Backwall Display Rack

- Display Size: 900x450x1980mm
- Graphic Size: 840x1380mm / 2600x600mm
- Hardware Materials: Aluminium 
- Graphic Material: Stretch fabric 
- Packing: Carrying bag 
- N.W.: 19kgs  
- G.W.:20kgs
- Packing Size: 97x14x48cm 

Product Description
A "Backwall Display Rack" typically refers to a display fixture or structure that is specifically designed to be used as a backdrop or focal point in an exhibition booth or trade show display. It serves as a prominent area for showcasing products, branding, or promotional materials.

Backwall display racks are often larger in size and provide a backdrop for the entire display area. They are designed to attract attention and create a visually impactful presentation. These racks are commonly positioned at the back of the booth or display area to serve as a central element that draws visitors' eyes and communicates the brand or product message effectively.

The specific design and features of a backwall display rack can vary depending on the intended use and the preferences of the exhibitor. However, some common characteristics include:

Sturdy Construction: Backwall display racks are typically constructed from durable materials such as metal, aluminum, or sturdy plastic to ensure stability and longevity. This is important because they often need to support various elements such as shelves, product displays, graphics, or signage.

Customization Options: Backwall display racks can be customized to fit specific branding requirements or design preferences. This may include the addition of company logos, graphics, or artwork to enhance visual appeal and reinforce brand messaging.

Versatile Display Features: Backwall display racks often offer flexible display options, such as adjustable shelves, hooks, or panels. This allows exhibitors to showcase a variety of products, promotional materials, or digital screens within the backwall structure.

Integration with Lighting and Accessories: Backwall display racks may have provisions for integrated lighting systems or attachments for additional accessories like spotlights, brochure holders, or banner stands. These elements further enhance the overall display and draw attention to key areas or products.

Portability and Ease of Setup: While backwall display racks are often larger in size, many models are designed for easy transportation and setup. They may incorporate collapsible or modular components that allow for convenient assembly and disassembly without the need for extensive tools or expertise.

Backwall display racks serve as a prominent visual element in trade show displays or exhibition booths, creating a professional and engaging backdrop for the showcased products or brand. They offer a versatile and impactful way to present merchandise, communicate brand messaging, and capture the attention of visitors.

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