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Oval Display Rack

- Display Size: 595x395x1928mm
- Graphic Size: 1480mmx1025mm 
- Hardware Materials: Aluminium 
- Graphic Material: Stretch fabric 
- Packing: Carrying bag 
- N.W.: 12.5kgs  
- G.W.:13.5kgs
- Packing Size: 66x19x45cm 

Product Description
The display rack series you described utilizes a pole support system that allows for adjustable panel extensions with acrylic shelves. The upper and lower panels are connected by a stretch fabric screen, forming a display shelf. This design offers simplicity and compactness, making it suitable for exhibitions or displays in shopping malls.

Triangle Towers, on the other hand, are lightweight and portable shelving units that provide an excellent solution for showcasing products. These towers are customizable, allowing you to join multiple units together and add extra shelving to maximize the display potential. The triangular shape of the towers ensures that your products are prominently displayed at eye level, attracting attention and enhancing visibility.

The versatility and customizability of the display rack series and Triangle Towers offer the flexibility to adapt to various product types and display requirements. Whether it's for trade shows, exhibitions, or retail environments, these display solutions provide an effective way to showcase your merchandise and engage customers.

With the ability to customize and configure the display racks and Triangle Towers to suit your specific needs, you can create a visually appealing and organized display that effectively presents your products to potential customers.
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