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Nobori Flag

- Flag Size: 180x60cm
- Pole Size: 160cm-300cm
- Printing Option:
  Single Side Printing back side with mirror reverse
  Double Side Printing back side with readable info
- PVC pole --- strong enough
- Plastic water inject base----cheap and heavy
- Belt loop link with flag, never loose

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Nobori Flag

Product Description

A Nobori Flag is a type of banner that originated in Japan. These flags are long and narrow, and are attached to a pole with a cross-rod to keep the fabric straight and prevent it from wrapping around the rod. This ensures that the design on the flag is always visible and easily identifiable.

During feudal Japan, nobori flags were used to distinguish different units within an army. They became more common during the Sengoku period, and were often used alongside hata-jirushi flags. Although nobori were usually used to represent different divisions within an army, they were sometimes made identical to create an impressive and intimidating display of warrior flags.

Today, nobori flags are commonly used outside businesses, restaurants, and retail stores to advertise sales, new products, or simply the name of the business. They are also used during festivals, sports events, and political campaigns to make announcements and identify parties. Nobori flags may also line walkways, fences, or walls of Shinto shrines or Buddhist temples, often bearing the names of donors or deceased parishioners. In recent years, flags inspired by the nobori style have gained popularity around the world.

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