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Colum Stand EM-17F+EM-17H

- Display size:1016×3048×400mm
- Graphic size: 1046×3068mm
- 32mm Dia aluminum tubes
- Free standing without any supporting
- Display hardwares are all under fabrc graphic covering
- Strong carry bag
- G.W.:19.0kgs
- V.W.:28.0kgs
- Package size:36×37×104cm

Product Description
Certainly, the Colum stand and the Easy Fabric changing room can both serve as effective island advertising choices in different settings. Here's some additional information about each:

Colum Stand: The Colum stand is a compact display option that provides four-sided graphics, making it suitable for showcasing promotional messages or branding in small spaces. Its column-like structure offers a unique and eye-catching visual impact, drawing attention to your advertisement from different angles. The Colum stand is often used in retail environments, trade shows, or events where space is limited but a strong visual presence is desired. Its versatility allows for easy customization and graphic changing, enabling you to update your messaging or visuals as needed.

Easy Fabric Changing Room: The Easy Fabric changing room offers a dual-purpose solution as an island advertisement and a functional space for shoppers. It provides privacy and convenience for individuals to change clothes while also serving as a platform for advertising. The fabric walls of the changing room can be customized with your branding, promotional graphics, or messages, ensuring your advertisement is visible and impactful. This option is particularly useful in shopping malls or retail settings where customers may require a dedicated space for trying on clothes or personalizing their shopping experience.

Both the Colum stand and the Easy Fabric changing room offer advantages in terms of their visual appeal, compact design, and customization options. Depending on your specific advertising goals and the available space, you can choose the option that best suits your needs. Remember to consider factors such as the target audience, location, and overall marketing strategy when making your decision.

If you have any specific requirements or need further assistance in choosing the right option for your advertising needs, feel free to provide more details, and I'll be happy to help you further.

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