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Wall Table Z05/Z06

- Item No: Z05/Z06
- Display Size: 500x354x1020mm 
- N.W.: 5.0kgs  
- G.W.: 6.0kgs
- Packing Size: 58x33x15cm

Product Description
A wall table can indeed serve as a convenient stand for exhibitors to display catalogs, brochures, or name cards for clients to easily access and pick up. It provides a designated space for promotional materials, making them readily available to visitors at exhibitions or events.

A wall table offers the advantage of saving floor space, as it is mounted directly on the wall. It can be positioned at a suitable height and location within the exhibition booth, ensuring easy visibility and accessibility for clients. The flat surface of the wall table provides a stable and organized platform for arranging and presenting the materials in an orderly manner.

By utilizing a wall table for displaying catalogs or name cards, exhibitors can create a professional and inviting presentation that allows clients to browse through the materials at their convenience. It helps to streamline the information-sharing process and enhances the overall experience for visitors.

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