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TV Stand Z02

- Item No: Z02
- Type: C
- Display Size: 710x2283mm 
- N.W.: 9.0kgs  
- G.W.: 11.0kgs
- Packing Size: 35x18x83cm

Product Description
The TV Stand Z02 is a stylish and functional shelf designed specifically for TVs up to a maximum size of 32 inches. It features a sturdy platform where you can securely place your television. Additionally, it includes one shelf that can be used for placing items such as media devices, gaming consoles, or decorative objects.

What sets the TV Stand Z02 apart is the inclusion of another round board specifically designed for displaying your brand logo. This round board provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand and add a personalized touch to the TV stand. It can be customized with your logo or any other branding elements, creating a professional and eye-catching display.

The TV Stand Z02 offers a combination of practicality and branding opportunities. It not only serves as a functional TV shelf and storage solution but also allows you to promote your brand effectively. Whether it's for a home entertainment setup or a retail environment, the TV Stand Z02 provides an elegant and versatile solution.

Please ensure to check the weight and dimensions of your TV to ensure it is compatible with the TV Stand Z02 and can be securely mounted. Additionally, consider the size and design of your brand logo to ensure it fits appropriately on the round board.

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