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- Item No: P06E13
- Display Size: 470Lx960Wx970Hmm 
- Graphic Size: 970x2880mm
- N.W.: 2.2.0kgs  
- G.W.: 22.0kgs
- Packing Size: 49x34x99cm

Product Description
The "Case 2 Table" refers to a unique product that combines a transit case and a promotional table or display plinth. The specific example you mentioned is the CA500 Transit Case, which is a tough rota moulded transit case designed for the Waveline Display range.

The CA500 Transit Case can be purchased separately and has the capability to convert into a promotional table. This means that the case itself can be transformed into a functional table or display plinth for promotional purposes. To achieve this, a fully printed high-quality stretched fabric fitted sleeve is supplied with the case. The fabric sleeve is designed to fit over the case, turning it into a branded display plinth within approximately 10 minutes.

The case is built with heavy-duty castors, making it easy to transport and move around. This is particularly useful for taking it to different venues or events. The durable construction of the case ensures that any additional items you store inside, such as brochures, business cards, or personal effects, are well-protected during transit.

The fitted fabric sleeve has an industrial-strength zipper installed at the rear, allowing access to the ample storage space inside the case. This enables you to conveniently store and retrieve your items as needed while maintaining a neat and professional appearance.

Overall, the Case 2 Table kit offers a versatile and convenient solution for transportation, protection, and promotion. It combines the functionality of a transit case with the promotional potential of a branded table or display plinth, making it a practical choice for businesses or individuals participating in events, trade shows, or other promotional activities.

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