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Square Arch

- Item No: EM-17G2
- Display size:2400X1000X2300mm
- Graphic size: 7000x1000mm
- 32mm Dia aluminum tubes
- Free standing without any supporting
- Display hardwares are all under fabrc graphic covering
- Strong carry bag
- G.W.:16.0kgs
- V.W.:17.0kgs
- Package size: 27X27X112cm

Product Description
The Square Arch is a modern and sleek display structure that features a square-shaped arch design. It offers a versatile and eye-catching solution for various promotional and branding needs. Here are some key features and benefits of the Square Arch:

Contemporary Design: The Square Arch stands out with its clean and geometric square shape, providing a modern and sophisticated look to your display. Its sleek design adds a touch of elegance and professionalism to your brand presentation.

Customizable Graphics: The Square Arch offers ample space for showcasing your brand's graphics, logos, and messages. You can fully customize the graphics to effectively communicate your brand identity and promotional content. The smooth, flat surfaces of the arch allow for clear and impactful visuals.

Versatile Applications: The Square Arch is suitable for a wide range of environments and events, including trade shows, exhibitions, retail spaces, corporate events, and more. It can serve as an entrance arch, a backdrop for displays, or a focal point in your booth, creating a visually captivating presence for your brand.

Easy Assembly and Portability: The Square Arch is designed for easy assembly and disassembly, requiring no tools for setup. It typically features a lightweight and durable frame that can be quickly assembled and dismantled, making it convenient for transportation and storage between events.

Durability and Stability: The Square Arch is built to be sturdy and stable, ensuring its longevity and reliability throughout repeated use. The frame is typically constructed using high-quality materials such as aluminum or steel, providing stability and strength to the structure.

Brand Visibility: The square shape of the arch offers excellent visibility from different angles, allowing your brand and messaging to be seen from various viewpoints. This increased visibility helps attract attention, create brand recognition, and draw potential customers to your display.

Enhances Brand Experience: The Square Arch adds a modern and professional touch to your brand presentation, enhancing the overall brand experience for viewers. Its sleek design and clean lines create a visually appealing backdrop that showcases your brand in a captivating way.

Easy Storage: The Square Arch is designed to be space-efficient when stored. It can be disassembled and packed into a compact size, making it convenient to store in between events or when not in use.

In summary, the Square Arch offers a contemporary and versatile display solution that can be customized to effectively showcase your brand. With its sleek design, easy assembly, and portability, the Square Arch helps enhance brand visibility, attract attention, and create a visually captivating brand experience for your target audience.

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