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Classic Flagpole

*Heavy duty strength and more stiff
*Movable flag clip
*Same one pole is available for knife, teardrop and block shape
(Extra L arm needed for block shape)
*Easy Size Adjustment
*Size XS and S is pole alone,Size M plus an extra middle section will be size L
Another middle section more will be size XL, it is very convenient to adjust size when sell.

Product Description
Classic Flag Pole as Knife Shape
Size Flag size Height(after flag on it)
XS 162*41cm 2.00m 6.5ft
S 200*63cm 2.50m 8.2ft
M 255*75cm 3.00m 10ft
L 356*75cm 4.00m 13ft
XL 457*75cm 5.00m 16.4ft
Classic Flag Pole as Teardrop Shape
Size Flag size Height(after flag on it)
XS 135*47cm 1.83m 6ft
S 174*74cm 2.20m 7.2ft
M 220*75cm 2.68m 8.8ft
L 310*105cm 3.60m 11.8ft
XL 403*111cm 4.55m 15ft
Classic Flag Pole as Block Shape
Size Flag size Height(after flag on it)
S 106*70cm 1.52m 5ft
M 166*70cm 2.15m 7ft
L 266*70cm 3.15m 10.3ft
XL 366*70cm 4.15m 13.6ft
>>> Package 

Usually they will pack  it with carry bag.

They can also be packed with poly bag,non-woven bag or elastic drawing bag.
>>> Package Size&Weight

Size XS  122*22*25cm 20pcs/ctn  12.5kgs

Size S    154*22*25cm 20pcs/ctn  17.5kgs

Size M   154*22*26cm 20pcs/ctn  21.8kgs

Size L     154*22*30cm 20pcs/ctn  27kgs

Size XL   154*22*22cm 10pcs/ctn  17kgs

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