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Three Legs No Bearing Silver Cross Base

- SKU:ThreeLegsNoBearingSilverCrossBase
- Solid iron rod electroplated with chromium
- Light weight
- Strong
- Portable and stable
- Foldbase
- Good for indoor used

- 2 years quality warranty
Product Description

The Three Legs No Bearing Silver Cross Base is a cost-effective option for indoor flag bases. It is designed with simplicity and affordability in mind, providing a practical solution for displaying flags indoors.

One of the advantages of this base is its three-legged design, which offers stability and balance for flagpoles or displays. The three legs provide a sturdy foundation, minimizing the risk of tipping or wobbling.

The "No Bearing" feature indicates that this base does not include a rotating mechanism. While some bases may have a bearing system that allows the flagpole to rotate with the wind, the No Bearing Silver Cross Base focuses on providing a stable and fixed position for the flag. This is suitable for indoor environments where wind is not a significant factor.

The economic nature of the Three Legs No Bearing Silver Cross Base makes it an attractive choice for individuals or organizations seeking a budget-friendly option. It offers a functional and reliable base without the additional cost of a rotating mechanism.

Additionally, the silver color of the base adds a touch of visual appeal, complementing various flag designs and enhancing the overall presentation.

The Three Legs No Bearing Silver Cross Base is typically lightweight and easy to assemble. Its portability allows for convenient transportation and storage, making it suitable for those who frequently set up and dismantle their indoor flag displays.

In summary, the Three Legs No Bearing Silver Cross Base provides an economical and practical solution for indoor flag bases. Its stable three-legged design, affordability, and simplicity make it a popular choice for indoor environments where rotating with the wind is not necessary.

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