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6ft Fitted Table Cover

- Table Size: 1803(L)x737(W)x737(H)mm
- Fabric: 250gsm Glossy or Matt Knitted Fabric
- Finishing: Hem side
- Package: 1PC PER PP Bag
- N.W 1.5KG
Product Description
A 6ft fitted table cover is specifically designed to fit rectangular tables that measure approximately 6 feet in length. Here are some details about a typical 6ft fitted table cover:

Size: The cover is designed to fit a rectangular table with dimensions around 6 feet long, 30 inches wide, and a standard height of 29 inches. It is important to ensure that the dimensions of your table match the size of the fitted cover to ensure a proper fit.

Material: Fitted table covers are commonly made from stretchable fabrics such as spandex or polyester blends. These materials provide a snug fit and are often wrinkle-resistant, giving your table a sleek and professional appearance.

Installation: Fitted table covers are easy to install. Simply stretch the cover over the table, ensuring that the corners of the cover fit tightly around the table legs. The stretchable fabric allows for a secure and tailored fit without the need for clips or fasteners.

Customization: 6ft fitted table covers can often be customized with printing options such as company logos, designs, or promotional messages. This provides an opportunity to enhance your brand visibility and create a personalized look for your event or display.

Reusability: Fitted table covers are designed for multiple uses. They are durable and can be reused for various events or occasions. They can be easily cleaned, either through machine washing or spot cleaning, making them convenient for long-term use.

When purchasing a 6ft fitted table cover, it's important to consider the specific requirements of your event, such as the desired color, fabric type, and customization options. Many suppliers offer a variety of choices to meet different preferences and branding needs.

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