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Wall Amount LED Light Box

A wall-mounted LED light box is a type of display device that is designed to be mounted on a wall or vertical surface. It typically consists of the following components:

Frame: The frame of a wall-mounted LED light box is typically made of aluminum or similar lightweight materials. It provides structural support and houses the LED lighting components.

LED Lighting: The frame of the light box contains built-in LED lights that provide even and bright illumination behind the graphic panel. LED lights are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and offer excellent color rendering properties.

Graphic Panel: The graphic panel is the display surface where the desired visual content is placed. It can be a printed graphic film, a backlit fabric, or a transparent material for light diffusion. The graphic panel is designed to evenly distribute the light from the LEDs, resulting in a visually appealing display.

Wall Mounting Hardware: Wall-mounted LED light boxes come with the necessary hardware for easy installation on a wall or vertical surface. This typically includes mounting brackets, screws, and anchors to securely attach the light box to the wall.

Power Source: LED light boxes require a power source to operate the LED lights. They are typically powered by an electrical outlet and come with a power cord or plug. Some models may also offer battery-powered options for flexibility in installation.

Wall-mounted LED light boxes are commonly used for various applications, such as advertising displays, menu boards, signage, artwork displays, and more. They are popular in retail stores, restaurants, offices, airports, and other commercial or public spaces.

When selecting a wall-mounted LED light box, consider factors such as the desired size, brightness, power source, ease of installation, and any customization options offered by the manufacturer or vendor.


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