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Hard Bag P06E06

 Size: 90x26x13cm
- Package Size:95x32x18cm
- Hard Case
- Without Wheels
- Carry Handle
- Strong
- Portable

Product Description
The Hard Bag P06E06 is a compact and durable hard case designed for storage, transportation, and protection of various items. Here are the key features of the Hard Bag P06E06:

Size: The dimensions of the Hard Bag P06E06 are 90x26x13cm, providing ample space to store and organize your belongings.

Package Size: The package size of the Hard Bag P06E06 is slightly larger at 95x32x18cm, ensuring that the case is securely packaged for shipping or storage when not in use.

Hard Case: The Hard Bag P06E06 is made from a sturdy and rigid material that offers excellent protection against impacts, drops, and external forces. It provides a solid and reliable barrier to safeguard the contents of the case.

Without Wheels: Unlike some other cases, the Hard Bag P06E06 does not come with built-in wheels. This design feature makes it more compact and lightweight, ideal for situations where wheeled transport is not necessary or preferred.

Carry Handle: The Hard Bag P06E06 is equipped with a convenient carry handle. This handle is designed for comfortable grip and easy lifting, allowing you to carry the case with ease, even when it is fully loaded.

Strong and Portable: The strong and durable construction of the Hard Bag P06E06 ensures that your belongings are well protected during transportation or storage. Despite its robustness, the case remains portable and easy to handle, making it suitable for a variety of travel and storage needs.

Overall, the Hard Bag P06E06 is a compact and strong hard case with a carry handle. It offers excellent protection for your items and is portable for easy transportation. Whether you need to store and transport equipment, tools, or personal belongings, the Hard Bag P06E06 is a reliable and convenient option.

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