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Vertical Pop Out Drum Banner

- Display Size: D56xH113cm
- Printing Size: W176xH105 + W56x56cm
- Folable cone with outer printed cover
- Easy load into small carry bag

Product Description

The Vertical Pop Out Drum Banner is a portable and eye-catching display option for indoor and outdoor events. Here are the key features of this banner:

Display Size: The dimensions of the Vertical Pop Out Drum Banner are D56cm (diameter) x H113cm (height). This provides a compact and visible display that can easily be placed on the ground or other flat surfaces.

Printing Size: The banner offers a large printing area for your graphics and messaging. The main printing size is W176cm (width) x H105cm (height), providing a prominent space to showcase your branding and visuals. Additionally, there is a smaller printing size of W56cm x 56cm, which can be utilized for additional information or designs.

Folable Cone Design: The banner is designed as a foldable cone shape, which makes it easy to set up and collapse for storage or transportation. The cone shape ensures stability when placed on the ground, creating a visually appealing display.

Outer Printed Cover: The drum banner comes with an outer printed cover that wraps around the cone shape. This cover provides a larger canvas for your graphics, enhancing the visibility and impact of your message.

Easy Loading and Carry Bag: The Vertical Pop Out Drum Banner is designed for easy loading into a small carry bag. This makes it convenient to transport the banner to different locations or events without taking up much space. The carry bag protects the banner during transportation and ensures its longevity.

The Vertical Pop Out Drum Banner is suitable for various indoor and outdoor events, such as trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, sporting events, and promotional campaigns. Its compact size, easy setup, and striking visual impact make it an effective marketing tool.

When ordering this banner, make sure to provide the required artwork in the specified printing sizes. This will ensure that your graphics are accurately displayed on the banner. Additionally, follow the folding instructions provided to ensure proper setup and storage of the banner.

Overall, the Vertical Pop Out Drum Banner offers a convenient and attention-grabbing display solution that can be easily transported and set up for your promotional needs.

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