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U Shape Backwall

- 32mm Dia aluminum tubes
- 1.2mm thickness or customized

- Single side printed/ Double sided printed available
- Normal 250gms knitted fabric skins or 100% blockout fabric

- Strong carry bag
- LED lights option
Product Description
The U-shaped display you described seems to have several appealing features. Its unique style and elegant appearance make it suitable for use as a backwall at events or trade shows. The lightweight nature of the display makes it convenient to carry anywhere, which is beneficial for transportation purposes. Additionally, the display's easy setup, without the need for tools, adds to its user-friendly qualities.

One of the notable aspects of the U-shaped series is the design of the support legs, which contributes to the overall stability of the display rack. This stability is crucial to ensure that the display remains upright and secure during use. Moreover, the design of the U-shape allows the screen to form an upper and lower cambered effect, which can enhance the visual appeal of the display and make it more visually engaging for viewers.

Overall, these features make the U-shaped display a versatile and practical choice for backwalls at events or trade shows. Its stability, unique style, easy setup, lightweight nature, and elegant appearance all contribute to its appeal as a portable and visually appealing display solution.

Standard Size

Item               EM-17U              EM-17U2
Frame Size(mm) 10ft
Graphic Size(mm) 2780x2280 6040x2280 2780x2280
G.W(kg) 6.5 14 22
V.W(kg) 13 29 24
Package Size(cm) 27x27x87 37x37x104 27x27x87

More standard dimension available

Item EM-17U
Frame Size(mm) 1000x1000 2000x1000 3000x1000 5000x1000
1500x1000 2500x1000 4000x1000 6000x1000

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