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Straight Shape Backwall

- 32mm Dia aluminum tubes
- 1.2mm thickness or customized

- Free standing 6mm thickness aluminum stands without any supporting
- Single side printed/ Double sided printed available
- Normal 250gms knitted fabric skins or 100% blockout fabric

- Strong carry bag
- LED lights option
Product Description
Similar to our OneFabric Systems, the Wavelines boast a convenient pillow case mounting system equipped with an industrial zipper, ensuring effortless assembly. These systems utilize top-quality dye sublimation printing on virtually "Wrinkle Free" recyclable polyester stretch fabric specifically designed for this purpose.

The frames of Wavelines are lightweight, portable, and sturdy, meticulously constructed from 32mm diameter clear anodized tubing. The aluminum frame is cold drawn, adhering to precise specifications. Additionally, each frame comes with a travel bag made entirely from 100% recycled materials.

Setting up and using Wavelines is incredibly easy. The assembly process takes only minutes, as all the parts are connected with a bungee cord, eliminating the need for numbering or fear of misplacing any components.

The Straight series of Wavelines includes two categories: standard straight and oblique straight. The standard straight category encompasses sizes such as 8ft, 10ft, and 20ft.
Item  EM-17Z  EM-17Z03
Frame Size(mm) 8ft
Graphic Size(mm) 2448x2280 2930x2280 5960x2280 2930x2280
G.W(kg) 7 7.5 13 11
V.W(kg) 11 11 22 22
Package Size(cm) 27x27x74 27x27x74 38x38x76 27x27x74

More standard dimension available

Item   EM-17Z


 Frame Size(mm)

1000x1000 5000x1000 3000x1500 2000x2280 1000x2500
1500x1000 6000x1000 4000x1500 2500x2280 1500x2500
2000x1000 1000x1500 5000x1500 3000x2280 2000x2500
2500x1000 1500x1500 6000x1500 4000x2280 1000x3000
3000x1000 2000x1500 1000x2280 5000x2280 1500x3000
4000x1000 2500x1500 1500x2280 6000x2280 2000x3000

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