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Sharkfin Flag Model B

- Available Size: XS=1850mm=73"; S=2300mm=90.6";
M=3200mm=126"; L=4000mm=157.5"

- Available Fabric
Single Side:75D polyester/110gsm/130gsm
Double Side:75D polyester/110gsm/130gsm/140gsm with blockout

- Sleeve Option: White or Black
- Base Option: All Kinds of Bases
 Template Download
XS=1850mm=73inch SharFin Flag Model B Single Side
XS=1850mm=73inch SharFin Flag Model B Double Side
S=2300mm=90.6inch SharFin Flag Model B Single Side
S=2300mm=90.6inch SharFin Flag Model B Double Side
M=3200mm=126inch SharFin Flag Model B Single Side
M=3200mm=126inch SharFin Flag Model B Double Side
L=4000mm=157.5inch SharFin Flag Model B Single Side
L=4000mm=157.5inch SharFin Flag Model B Double Side
Product Description
The Sharkfin Banner, similar to the Teardrop banner, is an excellent tool for generating brand awareness. Whether for indoor or outdoor advertising, the Sharkfin Banner offers remarkable versatility. Its design enables it to fly even in high winds, making it a reliable choice for various weather conditions.
One of the key advantages of the Sharkfin Banner is its lightweight construction, ensuring effortless portability. Setting it up is a breeze, as it is easy to assemble and requires minimal effort.
To cater to different advertising needs, the Sharkfin Banner is available in both single and double-sided units. This allows you to maximize your brand exposure and customize your messaging based on the positioning of the banner.
Overall, the Sharkfin Banner serves as an effective means of promoting your brand, combining durability, portability, and adaptability. Its ability to withstand high winds and its availability in single or double-sided options make it a valuable asset for your advertising campaigns.
Transform your brand awareness swiftly and effectively with our top-quality Sharkfin Banners! Our banners, crafted by our expert team or your own personal designers, are perfect for events and functions, whether you represent a corporate company or a small business.
With the constant flow of new businesses opening up, these banners are an ideal way to gain exposure and inform people about your brand. Whether it's an indoor or outdoor event, placing our banners in high-traffic areas ensures maximum visibility to passersby.
Our Sharkfin Banners are lightweight, making them incredibly easy to set up, while their exceptional wind resistance guarantees stability even in unpredictable weather conditions.
Make a stylish and visually stimulating impact with our full-color printed banners, designed to stand out in any crowded place. Their eye-catching appeal will capture the attention of those in the surroundings, ensuring your brand message is noticed.
Choose between single or double-sided print options based on your placement needs and desired exposure. Regardless of your choice, our banners will make a statement.
Portability is made simple with our easy-to-transport banners, allowing you to take your brand anywhere while ensuring their safety during transportation.
Experience professional service and competitive prices that are nearly impossible to beat by contacting us today. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your brand with our Sharkfin Banners, designed to make large-scale branding simple and accessible to everyone.

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