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Horizontal Pop Out Drum Banner

- Display Size: L196.5xH62

- Printing Size: W58xH62cmx2 + W196.5xH157cmx1
- Folable cone with outer printed cover
- Easy load into small carry bag

Product Description

The Horizontal Pop Out Drum Banner is a versatile and portable display option that offers a unique horizontal format. Here are the key features of this banner:

Display Size: The dimensions of the Horizontal Pop Out Drum Banner are L196.5cm (length) x H62cm (height). This horizontal orientation provides a wide and visible display area, making it suitable for showcasing your branding and messages.

Printing Size: The banner offers multiple printing sizes to accommodate your graphics and information. There are two smaller printing sizes of W58cm x H62cm each, allowing for side-by-side visuals or separate messaging. Additionally, there is a larger printing size of W196.5cm x H157cm, which provides a central focal point for your primary design.

Foldable Cone Design: Similar to other pop out drum banners, this banner features a foldable cone design. This allows for easy setup and collapse, making it convenient for storage and transportation. The cone shape ensures stability when placed on the ground or with the optional base.

Outer Printed Cover: The drum banner comes with an outer printed cover that wraps around the cone shape. This cover serves as a canvas for your graphics and provides a cohesive and visually appealing display.

Easy Loading and Carry Bag: The Horizontal Pop Out Drum Banner is designed for easy loading into a small carry bag. This enables hassle-free transportation and protects the banner during transit. The carry bag allows for convenient storage and portability.

Optional Base: The banner offers an optional base, which can be purchased separately for USD13 per piece. The base provides additional stability and support for the drum banner, ensuring it stands upright even in outdoor conditions.

The Horizontal Pop Out Drum Banner is suitable for various indoor and outdoor events, such as trade shows, exhibitions, promotional activities, and more. Its unique horizontal format and easy setup make it an attention-grabbing marketing tool.

When ordering this banner, ensure that your artwork is provided in the specified printing sizes. This will ensure accurate representation of your graphics on the banner. Additionally, follow the folding instructions provided to set up and store the banner correctly.

Overall, the Horizontal Pop Out Drum Banner offers a distinctive and portable display solution with ample space for your branding and messaging needs.

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